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image ARBELEC has been the company in charge for the first hydrogen injection project (H2SAREA) in natural gas distribution net in Euskadi More info
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since 1990The company's history began in 1.990 with the main purpose of providing the best service in the development of electric "turnkey projects" and deliveries to our clients: to achieve this aim we provide complete coverage for the Preliminary Design , the Project Implementation and the Final Plant Test, being involved into national as well as international projects.

The main business area of the company include the following activities: Electric Desks and Boards Manufacturing, Medium and Low Tension  Electrical Installations, Commissioning and Post-Sale Maintenance Service of supplied equipment for several fields, industrial machinery, compressors, navigation, industrial cold, furnaces and boliers, lifts and transport, water treatment, etc., as well as Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems.

ARBELEC is concerned with investment for improving manufacturing methods and consider the high professional qualifications and know-how of our staff to be essential in order to give the best service to our clients. Our modern installations are well equipped with a total area of 2.400m², located only 10 km far from Bilbao and 3 km from the new Loiu airport.
It is our wish, that our customers are satisfied at all times with the quality and the high reliability of our assemblies, their tailor-made, as well as with the service provided.   
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Quality: Manufacturing of electrical boards

 We have adapted to the quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 with the purpose of continuing with the continuous improvement of our procedures.



High quality standards for our products and services.

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