ArbelecRepresented enterprises

Arbelec for the cuban market represents several enterprises from Spain, Holland, Italy and Mexico targeting different industrial sectors

Arbelec for the cuban market represents several enterprises from Spain, Holland, Italy and Mexico targeting different industrial sectors.





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Biesse Iberica borns in 1999, with the spirit of providing advantages and services in all the wood, glass and Stone processing, and also providing a service and maintenance which guarantee the product reliability and the customer's satisfaction.

Biesse makes very sophisticated machines and systems with a high technology which can satisfy all industrial needs of creation and furniture assembly, windows and doors, decoration accessories, wooden things, glass and stone for daily use


 - Edgers and squaring machines

 - CNC work centers

 - Milling machines

 - Sectioning machines

 - Calibrating and sanding machines

 - Drilling machines

 - Presses

 - Cutting machines

 - Bilateral griding machines

 - Waterjet



Cefla Finishing Group is a world leader in the varnishing, the decoration, the digital printing of the Wood and of its derivatives. Desings and makes custom made lines and turnkey for the wooden market.

Works for different sectors:


- Varnishing

- Gluing

- Printing

- Lamination

- Polishing

- Drying

- Some others... 


 Arranging the following machinery that each process requires.


- Polishing machines

- Curtain varnisher, vacuum, for edges...

- Cabines

- Impregnators

- Digital printing, roller printing ...

- Installation of load coating lines

- Surface laminates, powder laminates...

- Roller cutting machines

- Polisher for profiles and profiled panels

- Sprayers

- Profile coating

- Linear drying, UV, vertical

- Cutting machines

- Pre-fusión units



Talleres Milano was created in 1975, dedicated to the commercialization of machinery for wood, aluminum, plastic and varnishing. The Enterprise is manufacturer of special machinery custom made which satisfies the requirements of a process or an specific customer.

Usual machines:

- Feeders

- Vacuum

- Bench to arm

- Roller coaters

- Mixer

- Hinge

- Paint pumps

- Briquetes

- Machining center

- Brusher

- Edge banding, double-bent, edge binder machine

- Varnish curtain

- Stitchers

- Packaging machine

- Gluing machine

- Strapping machine

- Sander belt gauge, drawers, oscillating

- Radial saw, drill, tupi...

- CNC drill, manual, multiple, oscillating

- Lathe

- Transfer

- Cutting ... 




Enterprise dedicated to the industrial sector (wooden, automotive, chemistry, textile...). Formed by a group of proffesionals with extensive expreience during 22 years.

The Works of aspiration, filtration and storage of waste (dust, sawdust and shavings) as well as the cabins for the aplication of lacquers and varshnises both inthe Wood sector and in the other sectors make Aisval and Garibó leader in the sector. 


In the wide catalogue products a great variety of:


- Drains

- Fans, vacuum cleaners

- Cyclones, decanting

- Filter units

- Silos

- Extractors



This is an Enterprise dedicated to the supply of all kind of screen printing machinery. The screen printing is a printing system very versatile which allows to print on multiple surfaces, which can be flat or curves, on  almost all type of materials.

The main sectors into the screen printing that covers Suministros Gráficos Bilbao are:

- Insolation Systems:

- Table top

- Compact

- U.V. halogens

- Insolation presses

- Printing machine:

- Manuals

- With 1-2, 4, 6 colours

- Automatics

- Pre-drying equipment

 - Drying tunnels:

- Infrared radiation

- Infrared radiation and recirculation of hot air

- Hot air

- U.V. drying tunnel

 - Flat printing machinery:

- Manual

- Semiautomatic

- Automatic

 - Auxiliary equipment:

- Developmet equipmet

- Screen dryer

- Vibrating tables

- Stacking machine

- Folding machine, etc...



The Company borns in 1995 with an asociation of people which have a wide experience in the plywood sector. During these years it has become a reference for this sector.

All the Salimer boards are made following an strict manufacturing process with high quality.

The presses with high pressure and temperature, guarantee that the glues penetrate into the veneres, ensuring the best adhesion in the sheets of plywood board. 

The Okume board is made in high quality Okume, without any defect in their faces and with phenolic resin class 3.

The WBP board is designed for uses where it is necessary a resistance to humidity and ensuring optimal mechanical conditions. Done with phenolic glue it meets standars of exterior use. Okume faces and pine interior or twin pine okume.



ISVE, is a leader Enterprise in wood  treatment sector, this is the first enterprise which has used the vacuum technology in the wood processing processes. The enterprise Isve projects and produces desiccators, impregnators, mobilizing systems, vaporizers, pulverizers and systems for the thermal treatment. Based on a solid experience, ISVE take care of all the production phases of their own machines.

Among others, the next machines are made by Isve:

- Vacuum desicators

- Thermal treatment with high temperature

- Vacuum impregnators pressure

- Rain vacuum impregnators

- Spray impregnator

- Crusher of 2 or 4 axes

- Grinders

- Granulators

- Processing lines



This is an enterprise which supplies easy equiment with a high quality for the processing of the sedes, including dust aspiration, installations and training courses.

The most usual equipments supplied by Seed processing Holland are:

-  Treshing seeds

-  Extraction of the seeds

- Drying of the seeds

- Technology of the seeds

- Cleaning of the sedes for the laboratory

- Precisión equipment for the cleanning of the seeds

- Pill

- Cut, weigh and packing seeds

- Dust extraction and seed transport



The Enterprise MANIPULADOS VIVASA was born in 1982. Its main activity is the carton manipulation for the manufacturing of boxes and packaging.

The main products are:

- Boxes with flap (with half length flap, which cover the background, with the desired flap length, with lower or upper flaps)

Die-cut boxes (try with grooves in the width, with top lip and fastening grooves, with top lip, wrapping box, self adjusting box with pressure flap, with restraint, with upper handle, top flaps, with separators, security closure, with double clamping slots…)

Automatic bottom  (without upper or lower closure, with flaps of required size, with top lid, with lid and bottom, exhibitor box)

Stuck four points (with top and bottom stuck in the width, stuck in the lenght, with a easy mounting lid)

Plates accesories (cardboard plates triplex, double, canal "C", canal "B", canal "E")




It is an enterprise which manufactures acrylic fiber with the best  technological advances, highly instrumentalized and automated processes which united to an efficient operation, result obtaining products of the highest quality. 

Kaltex Fibers manufactures acrylic fiber mainly with the next 3 varieties:

-  Tow

-  Staple fiber from 25 to 150mm

-  Tops HB and 100% fixed

- Deniers between 0.9 until 17

- Bright

- Semi opaque

- Gel dyeing

- With different finishes , normal, soft, fireproof, antifungal, antimicrobial....

- Stained fiber of every colour


CETOLAR is born in 1985. A multidisciplinary research team considered the need to adapt the water treatment with the demanding models that guarantee its quality, with enough precision and safety, and that it would give solvency and credibility to the last result of the water for the consumer.
Cetolar is an advance in the potabilitation of waters, through the production and effective combination of oxidizing agents of greater power which apply at this time: chlorine and ozone, which are obtained when the water needs them. The nascent chlorine is obtained by the electrolisis of the comun salt, which is very economical.
Main advantages:

-  It just needs COMUN SALT

-  Low operation costs

-  There is no storage and manipulation of toxic and dangerous products

- Water without flavors or smells

- Chlorine nascent great oxidant and residual power

- Great destroyer of pathogens and other pollutans

- Easy to use, it os not necessary to be a advanged technician

- Modular equipment

- Programmable with clock - programmer and/or analyzer




BARTON has got installations with 6.300m2 in which with the help of the technical team and cualified human resources, added to last generation processes and methods, generate a robust machinery, effective and with a very good finishing, using selected materials of controlled quality.

In this cutting solutions división the main products are:

- Band saws for cutting meat and fish products, fresh and frozen. Made os stainless steel.

- Sawing machine for cutting fishes with an automatic feed system

- Double saw machines for doing 4 simultaneus cuts

- Sawing machine to cut into slices meat products or natural fishes or froze

- Complete lines

- Food bands, for placement of the pieces to be cut and avoid risks with the handling, based in the use conveyor belts "V"

- Turnkey lines for cutting in the canning industry and other types of industry





Founded in 1959, its activity in the desing and the manufacture of equipment and machines for the industry of the wood. Years of experience and some patents make posible its export to diferent countries, which allows to give a fast and effective answer. We are able to supply spare parts in a record time.

The main products are:

- Band saws

- Carriages trunk of fixed and independent towers

- Band saws and trolleys with inclined trunks

- Optimization technology 2D

- Horizontal and vertical splitting saws

- Edgers and notchin machines

- Auxiliary and special machines

- Chemical treatment of wood




 J.B.J. PRODUCTS is a comercial brand owned by Barton Maquinaria, S.L. under which desings, manufactures and sells hydraulic cranes of different capacities for very diverse applications: 

Industrials: for the contruction sector, distribution, service sector, telecomunications, recycling...

- Forest sector: for the installation at forestry equpment, tractor, trucks or static in sawmills...

- Marines: for the installation in fishing boats or boats of very diverse type or aplication


J.B.J PRODUCTS has designed an electronic to ensure an effective and reliable control of the crane. The worker can see in the screen all the information about the state of the crane, about the accesories and the routine maintenance. It has been developed a system of power control increasing the reach with very heavy loads and the highest precision, at the same time as a regenerative extensible system to increase the speed of the extensions without affecting the segurity. The oscilations are reduced and a perfect control of movements is ensured. 



Founded in 1957, the enterprise found quickly in the sector of sanding the best place to grow very fast. The experience acquired in this area, the variety of models that offers, the breadth of benefits, how though the machines are, the versatility, reliability, easy to use and maintenance, these are facts that have had influence in the increasing success of Volpato, which allows to become soon in the leader of this area.


Main machines:

- Standar machine, often used for manual proccessing in a small factory or standard equipment. Different kind of machines for the wood proccessing and metal.

- Sanders for profile - lines: This sanders family can be equipped with different groups and different sanding band, abrasive discs to meet its needs. Them compact and extremely versatil, prefect for the industry and the craftmanship. It can make several operations on the edges and solid wood profiles, sheets and painted such as: milling-sanding-smoothing.

- Special machinery or "custom - made" to satisfy the needs of customer's process.



Founded in 1972, Wolco is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of special cutting tools that offers solutions tailored to our customers. We work with our clients together to develop the tools that provide the most profitability to their products. 

We solve problems for our clients in different sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive, die-casting and valve making. Wolco Group belongs to the group that brings together companies where "Cutting Solutions" is given to customers in all industrial areas (Industrial Sector, Steel, Automotive, Aeronautics, Recycling, Wood). The group is composed by Wolco,ALFE Cutting and Cisidel.

The company’s main products are:

- Integral hard metal milling with all types of geometries

- Drill bits

- Reamers of integral hard metal as well as welded plate

- Tool holders

- Plates and inserts

- Special tools

- Precision tools




Founded in 1966, CISIDEL is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of circular cutting tools that offers solutions tailored to our customers. We work with our clients jointly to develop the tools that provide greater profitability to their products. Cisidel belongs to the group that brings together companies where "Cutting Solutions" is given to customers in all industrial areas (Industrial Sector, Steel, Automotive, Aeronautics, Recycling, Wood). The group is composed by Wolco,ALFE Cutting and Wolco.

The company’s main products are :

- Cisidel manufactures all kinds of saws, milling cutters and special cutting blades. Our saws, strawberries and blades cover the wood markets, where we are leaders, metal cutting (iron, steel, aluminum, etc), recycling (rubbers, wood, plastic) as well as special saws for the food industry

- Milling tool and accesories

- Repair and sharpening for all our saws and blades in an optimal period, with all the necessary processes: welding, CNC sharpening, shot blasting …



The company ALFE has its origin in the year 1940. Alfe Cutting belongs to the group that brings together companies where "Cutting Solutions" is given to customers in all industrial areas (Industrial Sector, Steel, Automotive, Aeronautics, Recycling, Wood). The group is made up of Wolco, ALFE Cutting and Cisidel. The main customers of ALFE Cutting belong to sectors such as metal, wood, paper, packaging and recycling among others, most of them in Europe and America.
The main products are:

- Blades for slitter lines as well as robotization of line assembly

- Circular blades, vulcanized separators, metal separators, etc.

- Transversal blades

- Sliding guides

- Customized blades (up to 7m long)

- Saw blades for cold and hot cutting

 - Folding tools



It is an Spanish leader enterprise which is more than 50 years ago manufacturing and selling machinery for production industries dedicated to the production and packaging of different products for the food sector as:

- Artisanal fried potato chip lines and other tubers

- Continuous fried lines for the production of snacks / pellets

- Fried lines continued for the production of chips

- Natural potato processing lines preserved (IV rango)

- French potato processing lines (except freezing)

- Semiautomatic, automatic and multi-weigher packaging machines for different products

TJF manufactures all the machinery with its own technology, performs the assembly and commissioning as well as the training of the personnel that will be responsible for operating on the lines.

maquinas JTF 


Kalfrisa is a company founded in 1965 and is dedicated to the desing, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of equipment related to energy and the environment. It has been present in Cuba for more then 30 years and its wide range of products includes:

- Equipment and facilities for curing layer tobacco and virginia tobacco

- Vegetable and fruit drying equipment

- Crematories of the mortuary sector

- Hospital and medical waste incinerators

- Recovery of urban and industrial waste 

- Heat recovery and air heating process

- Purification of atmospheric pollutants in gases

maquinas kalfrisa