ArbelecIntegrated control systems

 Automation Projects

  • Nanjing (China) Potable Water Treatment Plant Automation Project with 6 Allen-Bradley PLC5 processors and 7 Allen-Bradley SLC500 processors communicated in DH+ network, 2 Supervisory Computers running RSView SCADA and 6 Local Operator PanelViews; remote telephonic communications with all devices in the DH+.
  • Automated Control and Supervision System for Seawater Desalination Plants in Zarzys and Djerba (Tunisia) with the following components: 2 Siemens S7-400 Redundant Processors, with about 2.000 distributed I/O signals (ET200M), monitoring application developed with Scada InTouch  running in 2 Redundant computers, being all the components integrated in SINEC-H1 industrial network.
  • Primary Products Mixing and Recipes Process Automation Project for Lazaro Products in Oyon - Alava: programmed application lets operators to introduce up to 100 recipes and obtain informs about elaboration process using Excel software. One Siemens S7-300 PLC controls the execution of the program and a Scada application developed with InTouch completes the system.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Automation in Galdar - Gran Canaria with Control and Monitoring System based on TSX Premium PLCs and Monitor Scada.
  • Redundant Control System and Local Monitorization for  Transmitters, Receivers and Radar Control Stations in Begas - Barcelona developed for Aena.
  • Seawater Osmosis Plant Automation in Alicante: this project was fully developed with Rockwell Logix Platform and ControlNet Redundant configuration: Seawater Pumping Station with ControlLogix processor connected  with Central Treatment Station with an optical fibre segment, 3 ControlLogix processors and 15 FlexLogix processors controlling  about 2.000 I/O digital and analogical signals corresponding to Filtration Plant, Chemist Products, Treated Water Pumps and Sludge Treatment; there is also another processor in the remote Potable Water Tank with GSM modem communication with the Central Station. Two Computers integrated in ControlNet Network and also connected to an Ethernet Management Network and the Audiovisual Projection System integrate the monitoring of  the  global process.
  • Automated Control and Supervision System for the Waste Water Treatment Plant  in Molina de Segura (Murcia) with Simatic products conected via Industrial Ethernet: 4 S7-300, 1 S7-400 and 1 S7-200.  One GSM communication with La Ermita Pumping Station completes the automation system.
  • Automation of Wastewater Treatment Station of Villadepalos in Leon, through the implementation of a Process Control System PCS7 of  Siemens: 1 Engineering Station , 2 Operation Station and 5 stations PLC to Control and Supervision of a total of 2,000 signs of process.
  • System Monitoring Control and Pump Station Mungia platform developed with Siemens. With the possibility of self-control from the pumping from Mungia Treatment Plant or from Bilbao Water Consortium. Alarm notification system and Profibus communication via GSM with variable speed drives.

Medium and low tension installations

Assemblying for Medium and Low Voltage switchboards and electrical installation in case it is required.

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Wide experience doing projects for the shipbuilding Industry.

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Our equipment are useful for many sectors, particularly for industrial compressors.

Integrated control systems

System integration projects.

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Plenty of turnkey electrical projects executed by our Enterprise in this sector.